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Research on Laser Drilling in Diverse Modes by Ns Pulse Laser
Xiaobing Zhang, Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Insitutte; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Presented at ICALEO 2013

The paper reports the research of laser drilling technology by ns pulse laser for purpose of making cooling holes with thinner recast layer or even without recast in aero-engine. In research we employ diverse modes in making holes in nickel-based alloy samples. The first way is making holes with low power high frequency ns pulse laser in scanning mode of removing the material layer by layer, the second one is making holes with ns width pulse train laser in percussion mode, the third is making holes with high frequency ns laser of relatively higher average power in trepanning mode with assisted gas. The experimental results show the first way could make a hole free of recast, but at very low material removing rate, the second one could raise the processing efficiency, but causes very bad recast and splash around hole's entrance area. The third mode is more prospective in production of making cooling holes with thinner recast layer, but the depth of the hole made is limit. Based on the research, the ways for making cooling holes of free of recast could be realized in production are proposed.

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