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Product Code: ICA13_505

The Novel Technology for Thick Glass Cutting with Small Power Laser Saw
Chao Huang, Institute of Laser Engineering; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Shi Bai, Beijing University of Technology; Chaoyang, Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Jimin Chen, Beijing University of Technology; Chaoyang, Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Presented at ICALEO 2013

Usually when cutting thicker material we need higher power laser during laser cutting. If we use a saw to cut the situation will be different. In this paper we report a novel technology for thick glass cutting with a small power laser saw. The laser saw is made of 532nm green laser with long pulse width 1ms. It is not a special but an ordinary green laser. The special focus point of laser can be moving up and down at high frequency with the control lens. During cutting it works like a saw so we call it laser saw. The average power of the laser is approximately 0.7W much less than 1W. However with this small power laser we can cut over 10mm thick glass. The cutting speed can be 1m/min. The roughness of the cutting surface is about 10 micron meters. There is no obvious crack on the edge of kerf. It shows great potential application with this laser saw technology.

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