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Laser Welding for Hot-Stamped Tailor Welded Blanks with High Strength Steel/High Energy Absorption Steel
Cheolhee Kim, Kitech; Incheon South Korea
Minjung Kang, Kitech; Incheon South Korea
Presented at ICALEO 2013

In this research, laser weldability for tailor welded blanks made of dissimilar strengths was examined. Usibor and Ductibor from ArcelorMittal were combined as high strength steel and high energy absorption steel, respectively. In the experiments, Yb:YAG laser welding were performed on butt joint specimens. After welding, the specimens were heat-treated under a high temperature condition similar to the HPF process. Mechanical and metallurgical characteristics of weldments were analysed. Especially, the effect of AlSi coating on sheets on laser weldability was investigated.

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