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Comparison of Laser Glass Cutting Processes Using ps and fs Lasers
Cheon Ya Seong, EO Technics; Anyang South Korea
Hyeong Uk Kim, EO Technics; Anyang South Korea
Nam Seong Kim, EO Technics; Anyang South Korea
Byoung Cheol Kim, EO Technics; Anyang South Korea
Presented at ICALEO 2012

The glass cutting has been developed long time over thousands years. To achieve technology innovation, non-contact laser cutting has been actively studied and developed in volume production industries including LCD and AMOLED sectors recently. From the early 21st century, CO2 laser cutting using heating and water-quenching method has been actively evaluated due to its innovative process and several companies adapted this method for production. Infrared ps and fs lasers are no longer transparent in glass and its intensity is high enough to ablate the glass material. Pulse widths for ps and fs lasers are short enough to create good ablation and prevent from crack formation. However, ps and fs laser glass-cutting is not widely used due to the issues in speed and quality. In this paper, ps and fs laser processes for various glasses are investigated focusing on cutting quality in edge and side-wall. Cutting morphology is analyzed through striation and fracture on cut-surface. Also, more efficient laser cutting method is tried by crack formation and its propagation along the cutting direction.

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