Product Code: ICA12_M702

Comparison Study of Sub Microstructure Generation on Metals Between Femtosecond Ti:Sa Laser and High Repetition Yb Doped Fiber Laser
Marc Faucon, ALPhANOV; Talence France
Hélène Desrus, ALPhANOV; -
John Lopez, Univ. Bordeaux 1; Talence France
Rainer Kling, ALPhANOV; Talence Cedex France
Presented at ICALEO 2012

Sub microstructures on metal surfaces find a manifold of applications ranging from anti-icing to terahertz detectors. So far demonstrations have been realized with femtosecond Ti:Sa laser only. To obtain a high throughput and industrially relevant texturation process a comparison of femtosecond processing is given between low repetition rate Ti:Sa lasers and high repetition rate femtosecond fiber lasers. Few metals like stainless steel, Al and Cu are investigated to study the influence of average power, fluence, scanning strategy and pulse duration on the generated structures. The measurements are firstly performed on stationary multi pulse surface modification and then transferred to area scanning texturation. The processes are applied to optimize the productivity of the laser source and the efficiency of nanostructure generation. The characterizations of the results are performed by SEM imaging and by laser scanning confocal microscopy.

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