Product Code: ICA12_M603

Evaluation of Damaged Region at the Groove Edge of TCO Film in Pulsed Fiber Laser Processing
Yasuhiro Okamoto, Okayama Univ.; Okayama Japan
Naoya Takahashi, Okayama Univ.; Okayama Japan
Shin-ichi Nakashiba, Kataoka Corporation; Yokohama Japan
Tomokazu Sakagawa, Kataoka Corporation; Yokohama Japan
Akira Okada, Okayama Univ.; Okayama Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2012

A pulsed fiber laser has been widely used for the removal of TCO film, since it is the compact oscillator with the flexible processing head. However, the wide range of emission wavelength from the fiber laser would deteriorate the edge quality of groove such as cracks and burrs of resolidified region due to the aberration. Therefore, the edge quality of groove was experimentally investigated in the removal process of TCO film by the pulsed fiber laser of 1060nm in wavelength. The damaged region such as cracks and burrs at the edge of groove could be reduced by using achromatic focusing lens. The singlet lens for focusing optics led to the large damaged region at the edge of groove, and the cracks and burrs appeared remarkably with increasing the pulse energy. On the other hand, the combination of singlet focusing lens and a circle mask to cut the laser beam made it possible to become the damaged region smaller, since the intensity distribution of laser beam could be sharpen at the edge by using an appropriate mask size.

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