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Examinations on Laser-Welded Joints of Ultra-Thin Metallic Foils
Andreas Patschger, Ernst Abbe Univ. of Applied Sciences Jena; Jena Germany
Matthias Hild, LCP-Laser-Cut-Processing GmbH; -
Jean Pierre Bergmann, Univ. of Technology Ilmenau; -
Jens Bliedtner, Ernst Abbe Univ. of Applied Sciences Jena; -
Presented at ICALEO 2012

Examinations on joints of ultra-thin foils which are laser-welded through the "Remote" technique were carried out in this paper. The foils were joined with each other as well as with solid bodies. Typical applications of thin metallic foils can be found in the packaging industry, in the building industry as well as in vacuum insulations, in electronics in general and in the production of batteries in particular.
CrNi-foils with a thickness between 15 µm and 200 µm were used in the examinations. A 1kW single-mode-fibre laser served as a beam source. Several joining types such as an overlap joint and an edge weld were processed. Linear welding seams were qualified as well as further welding strategies such as wobbling. Different optical images and thus focus diameters could be realised and tested through application of various lenses. The welding results were evaluated through micro sections, tensile tests and hardness measurements. The different configurations of optical and material parameters were examined in terms of weldability, process efficiency and process stability.
The examinations of the different parameter configurations enable a special design of the processes and tailoring them for certain applications.

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