Product Code: ICA12_M305

Creating Round and Square Flattop Laser Spots in Microprocessing Systems with Scanning Optics
Alexander Laskin, AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH; Berlin Germany
Vadim Laskin, AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH; Berlin Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2012

Performance of various modern laser based micromachining techniques can be improved by applying square laser spots with uniform intensity distribution. And providing possibility of scanning of such a spot over whole working field with using popular 2- and 3-axis galvo mirror scanners is of great importance for many laser microprocessing technologies, like scribing, drilling holes in PCB, repair techniques in display making technologies. These tasks can be successfully solved with using the field mapping refractive beam shaping optics like piShaper and Focal-piShaper. Due to their unique features, such as low output divergence, high transmittance as well as extended depth of field these beam shapers provide a freedom in building an optimum optical system. Depending on the conditions of a particular technique it is possible to apply either a piShaper with imaging optics or a Focal-piShaper with focusing lenses. And important feature of these approaches is in easy adaptability to optical design of already existing material processing systems. There will be considered several optical layouts based on various refractive beam shapers piShaper/Focal-piShaper to generate square shaped laser spots of uniform intensity which sizes span from several tens of microns to millimetres. Examples of real implementations will be presented as well.

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