Product Code: ICA12_M1203

Potentials for Lasers in CFRP Production
Charly Loumena, ALPhANOV; Talence France
Minh-Hoang Nguyen, ALPhANOV; Talence France
John Lopez, ALPhANOV, Univ. Bordeaux 1; Talence France
Rainer Kling, ALPhANOV; Talence Cedex France
Presented at ICALEO 2012

In lightweight construction CFRP is a potential candidate to replace metals for many parts, if production costs can be reduced and quality can be improved. Indeed, composite materials combine high mechanical performances, low weight and good corrosion resistance. Laser processes like surface activation and cleaning compete with conventional processes like abrasive jet machining, cryogenic cleaning and mechanical micro machining. To determine the specific advantages and drawbacks of each technology we undertake a broad investigation comparing many of the conventional techniques mentioned above with surface ablation by lasers. The investigated laser sources range from pulsed CO2 lasers over Excimers to Q-switched solid state lasers. Results are evaluated in terms of surface roughness, damage characterization and process speed.

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