Product Code: ICA12_906

UV Line Beam Laser Optics for Material Processing
Denis Bolshukhin, Innovavent GmbH; Goettingen Germany
Berthold Burghardt, Innovavent GmbH; Goettingen
Nick Hay, Powerlase Photonics Ltd.; Crawley Great Britain
Alexey Rodin, Powerlase Photonics Ltd.; Crawley
Yili Guo, Powerlase Photonics Ltd.; Crawley
Young Kwon, Powerlase Photonics Ltd.; Crawley Great Britain
Jong Kab Park, EO Technics Co. Ltd.; Anyang South Korea
Hans-Juergen Kahlert, Innovavent GmbH; Goettingen Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2012

A new high power pulsed 355nm diode pumped solid state laser has been combined with homogenizing line beam optics. The concept of polarization and homogenizer coupling of multiple laser beams is presented and results of specific applications are discussed. This design gives an energy density of up to 2,000 mJ/cm2 in a 15 50mm long line using combined UV pulse energy up to 16 mJ. Measured data is presented.

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