Product Code: ICA11_601

Laser Penetration Brazing of Dissimilar Alloys
Rongshi Xiao, Beijing University of Technology; - Peoples Republic of China
Peng Dong, Beijing University of Technology; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Presented at ICALEO 2011

The requirements on light-weight structure, structure-function integration and low-cost manufacturing have brought in a rising interest in joining of dissimilar alloys. To join the dissimilar alloys with considerable difference in melting point and metallurgical properties, an approach, namely laser penetration brazing (LPB), has been proposed. The substrate with lower melting point is penetratingly melted by the focused laser beam, and the melted metal wets the solid substrate with higher melting point to form a brazing joint. Brass/steel, aluminum/copper and AA6061/Ti6Al4V were successfully joined and the interface microstructure characteristics of the different joints were investigated.

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