Product Code: ICA11_208

A Beam Monitoring System for Large and Scanned Laser Spots - Lasmon
Jan Hannweber, Fraunhofer IWS; Dresden Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2011

A novel monitoring system for large, formed and scanned high power laser beams is presented, how they are particular used for industrial laser hardening processes. The system design is very simple, inexpensive and easily adaptable. The software offers the possibility to identify all standard beam parameters as the beam parameter product, power density distribution, Rayleigh length and FWHM. In addition, functions specifically for laser beam hardening are provided. Significant applications are in the area of quality and process control, such as the determination of the intensity distribution of the laser beam after passing high frequency scanning systems. Beyond that, the System is the key for monitoring the necessary input data for the simulation of the heat treatment process. The state of development of a real 3D Laser hardening simulation tool is presented. As a result the theoretical and experiential influence of different laser beam shapes to the hardening parameters is discussed.

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