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Wavelength Dependency in High Power Laser Cutting & Welding
David Havrilla, TRUMPF, Inc.; Plymouth MI USA
Stephan Ziermann, TRUMPF, Inc.; Plymouth MI USA
Marco Holzer, TRUMPF Laser and Systemtechnik GmbH; -
Presented at ICALEO 2011

Laser cutting and welding have been around for more than 30 years. Within those three decades there has never been a greater variety of high power laser types and wavelengths to choose from than there is today. There are many considerations when choosing the right laser for any given application capital investment, cost of ownership, footprint, serviceability, along with a myriad of other commercial & economic considerations. However, one of the most fundamental questions that must be asked and answered is this - what type of laser is best suited for the application?.

Manufacturers and users alike are realizing what, in retrospect, may seem obvious there is no such thing as a universal laser. In many cases there is one laser type and wavelength that clearly provides the highest quality application results. This paper will examine the application fields of high power laser welding & cutting and will provide comprehensive guidelines for selecting the laser that is best suited for the application. Processing speed & edge quality serve as key criteria for cutting. Whereas speed, seam quality & spatter ejection provide the paradigm for welding.

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