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High Power Disk Lasers – Advances & Applications
David Havrilla, TRUMPF, Inc.; Plymouth MI USA
Tracey Ryba, TRUMPF, Inc.; Plymouth MI USA
Marco Holzer, TRUMPF Laser and Systems GmbH; Ditzingen Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2011

Though the genesis of the disk laser concept dates to the early 90’s, the disk laser continues to demonstrate the flexibility and the certain future of a breakthrough technology. On-going increases in power per disk, and improvements in beam quality and efficiency continue to validate the genius of the disk laser concept. As of today, the disk principle has not reached any fundamental limits regarding output power per disk or beam quality, and offers numerous advantages over other high power resonator concepts, especially over monolithic architectures. Fast approaching 2,000 high power disk lasers installations, with demand upwards of 1,000 lasers per year, the disk laser has proven to be a robust and reliable industrial tool. With advancements in running cost, investment cost and footprint, manufacturers continue to implement disk laser technology with more vigor than ever. This paper will explain recent advances in disk laser technology and process relevant features of the laser, like pump diode arrangement, resonator design and integrated beam guidance. In addition, advances in applications in the thick sheet area and very cost efficient high productivity applications like remote welding, remote cutting and cutting of thin sheets will be discussed.

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