Product Code: ICA11_1707

Laser Direct Deposition of Nickel-Based Metal Matrix Composite
Kevin C. Schoeffel, Purdue University; West Lafayette IN USA
Yung C. Shin, Purdue University; W. Lafayette IN USA
Presented at ICALEO 2011

In the present work, laser direct deposition is used to build multi-layer structures of nickel-based alloy IN690 reinforced with titanium carbide particles at 5-25 percent by volume. This study shows the effects of various operation parameters including the initial weight ratio of matrix and reinforcement powders. The relationship between final TiC volume fraction in the depositions and TiC volume fraction in the initial powder mixture shows good retention of carbide particles by the molten pool. Optical and electron microscopy of sectioned specimens reveals a uniform distribution of titanium carbide particles throughout the multi-layer depositions and an absence of pores or other internal defects. The presence of carbide particles coincides with the refinement of matrix microstructure, and high-temperature dissolution of titanium carbide is minimal. Mechanical properties including hardness and abrasive wear resistance of laser-deposited MMCs are also shown in comparison to those of cast MMCs and laser-deposited, non-reinforced IN690 specimens.

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