Product Code: ICA11_1702

Effect of C:Ti Atomic Ratio on TiC Morphology Deposted by Laser Cladding Process
Ali Emamian, University of Waterloo; Waterloo ON Canada
Stepehen F Corbin, University of Waterloo; Halifax NS Canada
Amir Khajepour, University of Waterloo; Waterloo OH Canada
Presented at ICALEO 2011

In this paper, the effect of powder composition on TiC morphology and clad hardness using in-situ laser cladding process has been studied. Two atomic ratios, 45% and 55%, were selected for C:Ti, the first one of which has the potential to form TiC without formation of the preliminary Ti (α) phase. Results show that chemical composition affects the TiC morphology, TiC distribution and hardness profile in the clad. By increasing the C:Ti ratio from 45 at% to 55 at%, it is shown that the volume fraction of the formed TiC increases. A higher volume fraction of TiC in the clad results in higher values of reinforcements in the clad, thus increasing clad hardness. SEM and EDS analyses have been used to characterize the phases in the clad.

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