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Instructions for Using Weld Strength for Laser Welding of Hot-Press-Forming Steel
Minjung Kang, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology; Incheon South Korea
Cheolhee Kim, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology; Yeonsu-gu South Korea
Jongsup Lee, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology; -
Presented at ICALEO 2011

For light weight vehicles without loss of security, a demand for ultra high strength steel is increasing in automotive industries. Although TRIP and DP steels have the strength under 1Gpa, the boron alloyed steel after hot stamping process has the strength over than 1500MPa. AlSi-coated steel has been developed to prevent excessive oxidation during high temperature process but the AlSi coating was known to lower weld properties. In this research, the laser weldability was examined for hot stamping steels with and without AlSi coating. The specimens were laser-welded in butt and overlap joints by using disk and fiber lasers. The influence of process parameters on weld strength was investigated.

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