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Product Code: ICAL09_P118

Microfabrication of Gratings Inside a Transparent Material using Femtosecond Laser Processing with Computer Generated Hologram
Hayato Kawashima, New Glass Forum; Tsukuba Japan
Masahiro Yamaji, New Glass Forum; Tsukuba Japan
Jun'Ichi Suzuki, New Glass Forum; Tsukuba Japan
Shuhei Tanaka, New Glass Forum; Tsukuba Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2009

We have developed a three-dimensional (3D) multiprocessing method using a Computer Generated Hologram (CGH) that generates a 3D structure inside transparent materials such as silica glass and PMMA. In this paper, we consider grating fabrication using femtosecond laser processing with CGH. Femtosecond laser processing has been extensively used for microfabrication of various optical devices such as waveguides, couplers, gratings, 3D channels, and optical data storage inside transparent materials. However the fabrication of these devices involves a lot of sequential processing steps that need to three-dimensionally translate a sample. Since 3D structure can be formed simultaneously with femtosecond laser pulses shaped by CGH,our method can allow these devices in significantly fewer steps.
Therefore one of our goals is to build a flexible and useful CGH for optical device fabrication, which is a key issue to make it much easier to develop optical devices. To show that the CGH results in high productivity of these devices, we experimentally design CGH that generate straight-line and dot-array structure and fabricate gratings inside a transparent material using femtosecond laser machining with the each CGH.

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