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Product Code: ICAL09_P114

Laser Doping for Bandgap Engineering
Geunsik Lim, University of Central Florida; Orlando FL USA
Nathaniel R. Quick, Applicote Associates, Llc; Orlando FL USA
Aravinda Kar, University of Central Florida; Orlando FL USA
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Laser doping is used to modify the reflectivity and refractive index of embedded regions in wide bandgap semiconductors for selective detection of gaseous chemical species. Each of the four quadrants of a 1 cm x 1 cm x 300 microns silicon carbide (SiC) sensor are laser doped with a different element; gallium, aluminum, scandium and phosphorus, respectively; to create energy levels that selectively absorb photon emissions from a specific gas molecule chemical composition. For example, the energy level EV + 0.29 created in SiC by the gallium dopant detects only CO2 gas while the energy level EV + 0.23 created in SiC by the aluminum dopant detects only NO. Changes in refractive index, remotely interrogated by a helium neon laser, are correlated to the concentration of the select chemical species. A 1064 nm wavelength Nd:YAG laser source was typically operated at 10-15 W power, 5-35 KHz pulse repetition rate, 65-100 microns beam diameter and 0.5-0.8 mm/s scan speed using gas, metal-organic or powder dopant precursors. This wireless chemical sensor technology is an advance over interferometers since embedded active regions and a high melting/dissociation point of the sensor, 2730oC for silicon carbide, allow operation in extremely harsh environments.

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