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Application of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Systems in Laser-Beam Welding of Lap Joints
Uwe Reisgen, Rwth Aachen University, Isf; Aachen Germany
Klaus Dilger, IFS, TU Braunschweig; - Germany
Simon Olschok, Rwth Aachen University, Isf; Aachen Germany
Nikolaus Wagner, Rwth Aachen University, Isf; Aachen Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2009

This paper deals with a novel hybrid technology which has been developed by the institutes ISF, Aachen and IFS, Braunschweig. Using this method, the joining partners have been preassembled by means of pressure sensitive adhesive and subsequently laser-beam welded on lap joint. This innovative technology promises a reduction of the production costs and opens up new perspectives for a more widespread application of laser beam welding for three-dimensional joining tasks. Laser beam-specific minimal thermal loads, connected with the high power density of the laser beam, allow to produce welds with a minimum thermal distortion. In the field of automotive engineering, the joining of galvanised plates is only possible by applying the conventional laser beam welding method. The zinc vapours which are generated during welding may cause critical and strength-decreasing weld defects. Nevertheless, to ensure a high weld quality, one possible method variation deals with embossing projections into plates a time-consuming and expensive process. There is, consequently, demand for a simple, flexibly usable and fast method which allows the decrease of the presently rather high manufacturing expenditure and ensures high operational stability through high-quality welded joints. A suitable process variation is the generation of a degassing gap using pressure-sensitive adhesives.

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