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Laser Direct Joining of Ceramic and Engineering Plastic
Yousuke Kawahito, Jwri,Osaka University; Ibaraki Japan
Yusuke Niwa, Jwri, Osaka University; Ibaraki, Osaka Japan
Seiji Katayama, Jwri, Osaka University; Ibaraki, Osaka Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Several materials such as metals, plastics and ceramics have been widely used in industrial applications of automobiles, aircrafts and electronic devices. Joining of these dissimilar materials is necessary and important from a manufacturing viewpoint. The joining is generally performed using adhesive bonds (glues) or mechanical tools such as bolts and rivets. However, these joining processes have some problems in terms of environmental restriction of volatile organic compound (VOC) emission and mass production. Therefore, authors have developed a new laser direct joining method between metals and plastics which is named Laser Assisted Metal and Plastic joining method (LAMP joining method). In this research, such joining was applied to join Si3N4 ceramic and PET engineering plastic. The shear strength of the joints achieved 3000 N, which was strong enough to exhibit the elongation of PET plates of 2 mm thickness and 30 mm width. It was confirmed that this laser joining process was effective to directly produce the strong dissimilar material joint of ceramics and engineering plastics.

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