Product Code: ICAL09_403

Weld Strength Improvement for Al Alloy by using Laser Weaving Method
Kwang-Deok Choi, -; -
Young-Nam Ahn, -; -
Cheolhee Kim, KITECH; Yeonsu-gu South Korea
Presented at ICALEO 2009

In Al alloy welding, the linear laser welds have the shear-tensile strength lower than that of the base metal because of porosities and cracks resulting from unstable keyhole and high crack sensitivity. Various techniques have been introduced to improve the joint strength of laser welds and the laser weaving is also an alternative. In this research, Al alloy sheets were used as the base material with a thickness of 1mm, and lap welding and bead-on-plate crack test were implemented. The shear-tensile strengths were measured according to various weaving parameters such as weaving width and frequency. The laser weaving increased the width of welds, therefore improving the joint strength. The crack propagation was suppressed by the weaving pattern and it also improved joint strength.

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