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Characterization of Laser Beam Intensity used for Machining
Mon Thet Thet, Universiti Malaysia Pahang; Kuantan Malaysia
Nafrizuan Mat Yahya, Universiti Malaysia Pahang; Kuantan Malaysia
S. Azlyna, Universiti Malaysia Pahang; Kuantan Malaysia
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Lasers have been increasingly used for machining of various materials. One of the problems with laser machining is unwanted heat-affected zone, which downgrades the quality of the cut surface. Such heat-affected zone occurs very often due to lack of information on the characteristics of the beam intensity. The objective of this research is to develop a model that explains the characteristic of the laser beam intensity. The intensity of CO2 laser beam was characterized based on the interaction between the laser and acrylic material. Laser parameters considered are pulse duration and laser power. The parameter set was designed using STATISCA experimental design. The various spots and lines were created according to the designed parameter sets. Each spot and line was investigated under an optical microscope. The intensity model was developed in STATISCA. The model shows that the laser beam intensity is path and geometry-dependent for the same pulse energy and duration.

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