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Weldability of Austenitic and Dual Phase Stainless Steel on Fiber Laser Welding for Pipe Industry
Mok-Young Lee, RIST; Pohang South Korea
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Stainless steels were widely used for corrosive environments because they have high corrosion resistant properties. But the price of them was higher compared with carbon steel products, due to high cost of raw materials and low productivity. Laser welding has some advantages over conventional GTA welding process such as high welding speed, narrow bead width, excellent weld performance and saving of filler wire. From making stainless steel tube with laser welding, we reduce the price at the same time increase the quality. The laser welding with fiber laser was conducted for three austenitic stainless steels and a dual phase stainless steel. The materials were hot rolled and pickled and the thickness was ranged between 3 to 6mm. The performance of weld was evaluated according to the welding variables. Consequently, the stainless steel tube was making success with fiber laser welding.

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