Product Code: ICAL09_1709

Three-Dimensional Texturing and Patterning of Woven Textiles using Purpose Designed Fabric Structures
Janette Matthews, Loughborough University; Loughborough Great Britain
Kerry Walton, Loughborough University; Loughborough Great Britain
John Tyrer (Presenter not author), Loughborough University; -
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Laser processing of textile substrates is embedded in manufacturing systems for cutting and surface patterning through marking. A number of challenges exist with the processing of natural fibres and natural fibre blends such as cashmere, lambs wool and silk. This paper shows how the response of a luxury textile may be favourably influenced by "engineering-in" desired properties through interventions to any or all of the following: the selection, blend and manufacture of the fibre; the composition and formation of the yarn; the construction of the fabric; finishing treatments that may be applied to the fabric.
Woven yarns may be post- processed to generate raised surfaces, which may be preferentially modified to create three-dimensional texturing. The composition and structure of woven textiles may be modified such that, when preferentially processed, texturing and surface patterning occurs and the stability of the fabric is enhanced. Modifications pre-processing may generate effects not normally achieved in woven fabrics.

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