Product Code: ICAL09_1708

Precision Cutting & Drilling Metals with a Fiber Laser Marker
Hongqiang Chen, Miyachi Unitek Corporation; Pasadena CA USA
Geoff Shannon, Miyachi Unitek Corporation; Monrovia CA USA
Presented at ICALEO 2009

Certain fiber laser markers with the necessary peak powers and pulse parameter flexibility offer a unique cost effective system for precision cutting and drilling. It can provide dimensional cut repeatability to sub 10 microns, cut or drill material up to 0.5mm with minimal to no burring, and offer multi axis motion options. The material removal mechanism of the new process in relation to pulse parameters is described, along with examples of high quality cutting and drilling results on flat sheet/tubes in ferrous and highly reflective metals. Effective cutting speed and minimum kerf width are compared at different thickness for stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Open slot cutting and drilling are also demonstrated on Platinum-Iridium tubes.

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