Product Code: ICAL09_1705

Enhancing the Quality and Productivity of Laser Drilling by Changing Process Gas Parameters While Processing
Jens Dietrich, Lehrstuhl fuer Lasertechnik; 52074 Aachen Germany
Mihael Brajdic, Lehrstuhl Fuer Lasertechnik; 52074 Aachen Germany
Sven Engbers, Lehrstuhl Fuer Lasertechnik; -
Leonhard Klinkmueller, Lehrstuhl Fuer Lasertechnik; 52074 Aachen Germany
Ingomar Kelbassa, Lehrstuhl Fuer Lasertechnik; 52074 Aachen Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2009

When drilling with laser radiation the choice of the process gas and the pressure must be determined as process gas parameters. Choosing the right process gas parameters in order to achieve a specified drilling result can reduce production costs by minimizing the amount of process gas or switching to a cheaper process gas. Process gas parameters are important for the productivity of the drilling process and the quality of the drilled hole. Productivity is measured by the drilling time necessary to drill trough a workpiece with a certain thickness. Quality can be described by geometrical and metallurgical characteristics such as hole diameter or the thickness of the recast layer. Depending on the requirements a specific process gas is used, e.g. oxygen to achieve a high productivity when drilling deep holes and argon to avoid oxidation marks. Drilling productivity and quality can be influenced by combining effects of different process gases when drilling one hole with µs or ms pulsed laser radiation. Changing the process gases during drilling is presented resulting in increased productivity and quality.

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