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Laser Assisted Machining of Aluminum Composite Reinforced by Sic Particle
D. Przestacki, Poznan Univesity of Technology; Poznan Poland
M. Kawalec, Poznan Univesity of Technology; Poznan Poland
K. Bartkowiak, Fraunhofer IWS; Dresden Germany
M. Jankowiak, Poznan Univesity of Technology; Poznan Poland
Steffen Mueller, Fraunhofer Usa; Plymouth MI USA
Presented at ICALEO 2008

Metal matrix composites (MMCs) have many industry applications in different sectors, e.g.: automobile and aerospace. However, due to hard ceramic reinforcing components in MMCs, difficulties can arise when machining via conventional manufacturing processes. Heavy tool wear is especially problematic. The Laser assisted machining (LAM) method could potentially improve the processing of these materials. In laser assisted cutting, the workpiece area is heated directly by a laser beam before the cutting edge. The work reported here centres on improving Al/SiC composites machinability by laser assisted machining when compared with conventional turning process. Several LAM parameters were investigated, e.g.: various cutting speeds, feed rates and laser power. The cutting force and temperature from the machining zone was also monitored. The surface quality (roughness) and tool wear after LAM were measured. The obtained results so far indicate that flank face abrasive wear is the dominant tool-wear for conventional and laser assisted cutting.

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