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Heterogeneous Surface Layer Modification by High Concentrated Energy Source for Tribological Applications
Norbert Radek, Technical University of Kielce; Kielce Poland
Konrad Bartkowiak, Fraunhofer IWS; Dresden Germany
Steffen Mueller, Fraunhofer Usa; Plymouth MI USA
Presented at ICALEO 2008

Numerous research centres all over the world are involved in the study of laser surface modification. By controlling laser parameters such as the amount of power, scanning speed, and pulse duration, it is possible to form coatings with different surface properties, including surface geometry, microhardness, stress states or resistance to wear. One of the cheapest and commonly used techniques is electro spark alloying (ESA) or electro spark deposition (ESD), which, like laser treatment, requires employing a focused stream of energy. Laser surface texturing technology has significant advantages for the decrease in sliding friction. It gives direct wear improvement for tribological pairs employed in many industry applications. The work reported here centres on empirical Cu-Mo coatings studies generated using a Nd:YAG laser system. The coatings were first deposited as an ELFA-541 on C45 carbon steel and then laser eroded within various process parameters. The analysis includes macrogeometry and microhardness measurement of selected areas after laser treatment.

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