Product Code: ICAL08_2101

Production of Low-friction Coatings by Laser Cladding
M. Rombouts, Vito; Mol Belgium
A. Vanhulsel, Vito; Mol Belgium
A. Komp, Freudenberg Forschungsdienste Kg; Weinheim Germany
J. Gedopt, Vito; Mol Belgium
W. Engelen, Vito; Mol Belgium
R. Persoons, Vito; Mol Belgium
Presented at ICALEO 2008

Elastomers are characterized by a high dry sliding friction, which forces the use of lubrication in dynamic sealing and sliding systems. An important driving factor for new developments in the field of surface treatment are environmental considerations concerning the effects of grease and lubricants. The subject of this study is the production of polymer composite coatings on elastomers by laser cladding with the aim to reduce or eliminate lubrication. The effects of process parameters during laser cladding on the characteristics of the coatings in terms of microstructure, surface topography and adhesion to elastomeric substrates are discussed. The frictional behaviour of the laser cladded coatings against a steel counterface is evaluated. A comparison of the wear tracks is made. Polyamide coatings without fillers result in a substantial reduction in friction: 50% reduction compared to thermoplastic polyurethane and 70% compared to nitrile butadiene rubber substrate. The incorporation of PTFE particles in the polyamide coating results even in a further improvement of the frictional properties.

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