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Laser Beam Welding of Titanium – A Comparison of CO2 and Fiber Laser for Potential Aerospace Applications
Steffen Mueller, Fraunhofer Usa, Center for Coatings & Laser Applications; Plymouth MI USA
Craig Bratt, Fraunhofer Usa; Plymouth MI USA
Peter Mueller, Fraunhofer Usa; Plymouth MI USA
Jonathan Cuddy, Standard Aero; Winnipeg MB Canada
Kartik Shanker, Standard Aero; Winnipeg MB Canada
Presented at ICALEO 2008

The Laser welding process is increasingly being considered for joining titanium alloy airplane structures and also for manufacture, repair and overhaul of titanium aeroengine components. Recent advancement in gas and solid state laser technology has resulted in the availability of higher beam quality Lasers which can produce narrow welds with low heat input and high weld speeds. This paper describes a study of Laser welding of the Titanium alloys Ti6-4 and Ti5553 using two types of high power Laser - a CO2 Slab Laser and an Ytterbium-Fiber Laser. The differences between both Lasers and their effect on weld quality and performance will be explained. The weld results are evaluated referring to AWS weld quality standards, which particular reference to porosity appearance and weld profile. In addition, micro hardness measurements and tensile test data will be shown.

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