Product Code: ICAL08_1603

Laser Cladding of Mesh Structures on HPT Liner and NGV Parts
Bernd Burbaum, Lehrstuhl für Lasertechnik; Aachen Germany
Ingomar Kelbassa, Lehrstuhl Fuer Lasertechnik, Rwth Aachen University; Aachen Germany
Patrick Albus, Lehrstuhl Fuer Lasertechnik, Rwth Aachen University; Aachen Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2008

Due to the progressive globalisation of economy and the demand for higher mobility, passenger and cargo air traffic is steadily increasing. Therefore, in the aviation sector the efficiency and environmental sustainability are of great importance. Especially for aero engines new materials and designs are necessary to increase performance and efficiency. On aeroplane engine HPT (high pressure turbine) parts out of the nickel-based alloys CMSX-4 and Mar-M 002, mesh structures out of Inconel 625 are applied by laser cladding. These mesh structures are mainly reducing the internal coating stresses as a result of the different thermal properties between the substrate and coating system and offering a macroscopic bonding of the coating into the substrate while reducing the sensitivity of the coating spallation due to the interface oxidation. For the laser cladding a ytterbium fiber laser (IPG YLR-200) with a wavelength of = 1080 nm is used. Additive material is Inconel 625 powder which is fed by a coaxial powder feeding nozzle into the interaction zone. As kinematics a 3-axis working station is used. To apply mesh structures onto complex formed 3-D surfaces, NC tracks are calculated based on CAD files of the parts to be cladded.

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