Product Code: ICAL08_1506

Studies in Increasing the Dynamic of Cutting Machines
Florian Bartels, Fraunhofer Iws; Dresden Germany
Thomas Schwarz, Fraunhofer Iws; Dresden Germany
Lothar Morgenthal, Fraunhofer Iws; Dresden Germany
Eckhard Beyer, Fraunhofer Iws; Dresden Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2008

Cutting of sheet metal is a still strongly growing market which has especially changed with the new solid state lasers which fairly could raise up the cutting speed and the cutting edge quality. For using the capability of fibre or disc lasers with their excellent beam quality, their higher absorption in metal and the possibility of beam guidance by fibres, the dynamic of cutting machines must be extensively improved for cutting complex outlines. For thin metal sheets it was shown that cutting is possible in remote technology with very high average speeds. On the other hand the dynamic of the most machines is entirely adequate for cutting thick metal sheets. However, for cutting metal sheets in the most common middle range, a new system will be presented which can highly increase the dynamic and the accuracy of cutting machines by decreasing the peak loads of the machine axes. Especially for cutting complex geometries with a lot of small features, the system offers a promising gain in productivity.

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