Product Code: ICAL08_1304

Low Loss Field-Mapped Laser Beam Homogenizer
Michael Scaggs, Neoteric Concepts; Weston FL USA
Nadeem Rizvi, Laser Micromachining Limited; Denbighshire Great Britain
Andrew Goater, Laser Micromachining Limited; Denbighshire Great Britain
Gary Owen, Laser Micromachining Limited; Denbighshire Great Britain
Gilbert Haas, Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.; Flanders NJ USA
Presented at ICALEO 2008

A new type of laser beam homogenizer has been developed which field-maps an illumination by using spherical, cylindrical, axicon or prism optical segments, or in some applications combination of these various elements, and placing the optical segments in a configuration whereby light passing through each optical segment directs the light to overlap at a homogenized plane with the desired shape (rectangle, square, rectangular or circular ring illumination). The geometry of the homogenized field is limited only by the fabrication techniques used in segmenting and how the segments are physically arranged.
This optical concept could be called a Fresnel Homogenizer as it functions like a Fresnel lens. Fabricated in its basic form from spherical or cylindrical lenses, the lenses can be either negative or positive, depending upon the type of illumination, size and numerical aperture required. Typical flys eye homogenizers require 5 optical elements this new homogenizer is comprised of a single element; thereby significantly reducing the losses in the system due to diffraction and reflectance.

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