Product Code: ICAL08_1303

Development of Computer Generated Hologram for Laser Processing of a High Power Diode Laser
Hideki Hagino, Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture; Izumi Japan
Hikaru Ando, Osaka Prefecture University; Sakai Japan
Hisao Kikuta, Osaka Prefecture University; Sakai Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2008

A computer generated hologram (CGH) has been designed and fabricated for laser transformation hardening with a high-power diode laser. A laser intensity distribution to obtain a uniform hardened depth in a steel plate has been determined by the three-dimensional dynamic thermal analysis based on the finite element method. The optimized laser intensity distribution has a 4-mm wide M-shape with a modulation ratio of 2:1. A phase CGH was designed with the GS algorithm to transform the laser beam from the optical fiber of 1mm in diameter into the M-shaped intensity distribution. Since the high-power laser consists of a stack of diode lasers and the optical fiber has the finite diameter, the laser beam must be regarded as partially coherent light in the design of CGH. We fabricated the binary CGH of silica glass with the photolithography and reactive ion-etching processes. The light intensity distribution formed by the CGH has been measured.

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