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Tempering and Wear Resistance of Laser Cladded MMC Coating for Corrugated Rollers
Minlin Zhong, Tsinghua University; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Zhaoyong Qian, Tsinghua Univ.; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Dongye Zhang, Tsinghua University; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Wenjin Liu, Tsinghua University; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Ruiquan Kang, Tsinghua University; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Presented at ICALEO 2007

Corrugated roller is the core and expensive component in the production line of corrugated cardboard. Severe abrasion of the paper during production usually results in early failure of the roller to deteriorate the quality of the cardboard. To increase the wear resistance is of important technological and economic meaning. Laser cladding is an effective way to achieve high quality coating on expensive component to have excellent wear resistance.
Previous research indicates that laser cladded particulate reinforced metal matrix composite coating on corrugated roller can achieve high hardness up to HRC 67. However the roller works at a temperature around 200, the various metastable phases by rapid solidification during laser cladding may be tempered, which leads to a change in microstructure and properties and then decrease of hardness and wear resistance. The paper focus on the influence of wear resistance of the particulate reinforced MMC after low temperature tempering and the optimization of composition and cladding technique to achieve high wear resistance coating for the corrugated rollers.
The research approves that the element V has an important effect on the tempering-resistance. A optimized coating is then cladded by laser, in which (Ti,V)C carbide particles are homogeneously distributed in a Fe-based matrix. Tempering and wear tests were performed on the coating. These as-optimized particulate reinforced MMC coating have obviously improved wear resistance under lower temperature tempering conditions for the rollers.

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