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Effects of Hybrid Welding Parameters on the Toughness of Weld Metal in Ship Structural Steel
Jong-Bong Lee, POSCO; Pohang South Korea
Seung-Gab Hong, POSCO; Pohang South Korea
Presented at ICALEO 2007

Since the 1990's, European shipbuilding industries introduced hybrid welding process in order to decrease thermal distortion of welded joints in passenger shipbuilding. In this study, we investigated effects of hybrid welding parameters on the toughness of weld metal using DH36 steel in order to obtain more sound welds in passenger shipbuilding. Type of leading process, joint gap distance and chemical composition of consumables were considerably correlated with the toughness of weld metal. Especially, the toughness was considerably increased with high-Ti containing consumables. In addition, hybrid welding speed increased by using plasma cut edges, the oxides layer of which increased absorption efficiency of laser beam.

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