Product Code: ICAL07_N105

Nanostructure Fabrication and Characterization on Crystal Silicon Substrates using Laser-assisted Scanning Tunneling Microscope
K.J. Yi, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Lincoln NE USA
Z.Y. Yang, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Lincoln NE USA
Yongfeng Lu, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Lincoln NE USA
Presented at ICALEO 2007

As a promising approach to meet the critical requirement of shrinking feature size down to nanoscales for future electronic industry, laser-assisted scanning tunneling microscope (STM) demonstrates its capabilities of nanostructure fabrication by means of extremely localized heating induced by highly concentrated and greatly enhanced optical field underneath the tips. In this study, nanostructures (dots and lines) were fabricated on highly doped p-type silicon (110) substrates (0.01-0.09 Ω.cm) using the laser-assisted STM method. A 532 nm Nd-YAG pulsed laser with a pulsed duration of 7 ns and a maximum peak power of 25 mJ was used. Mechanically cut Pt/Ir tips which play the roles of carrying tunneling current and generating highly concentrated optical field were utilized. An STM with spectroscopic functionalities was employed to characterize the morphology and local density of state (LDOS) of the as-fabricated nanostructures. As such, stress distributions inside and in the vicinity of nanostructures were derived. The impact of optical intensity, pulse number, and tip aspect ratio on geometrical and electronic properties of the nanostructures will be presented.

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