Product Code: ICAL07_N104

Application of Dynamic Maskless Holographic Lithography
Nathan J. Jenness, Duke University; Durham NC USA
Daniel G. Cole, University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh PA USA
Robert L. Clark, Duke University; Durham NC USA
Presented at ICALEO 2007

Maskless patterning techniques are increasingly implemented in materials research and manufacturing eliminating the need for masks
or masters. Recent utilization of these techniques for biological
patterning demonstrates the potential for successful application in
various fields. We present a new lithographic process, dynamic
maskless holographic lithography (DMHL), for the real-time
configuration and arbitrary positioning of light intensity patterns
using computer-generated phase holograms. We utilize a spatial light
modulator (SLM), an electrically addressed diffractive optical
element, to display phase holograms and direct light through an
optical system. The phase holograms represent the Fourier transform
of desired images and modulate incident light to reproduce the
images in the focal plane of a microscope. The advantage of DMHL
over other maskless techniques is the ability to perform three
dimensional serial and single-shot pattern transfer using a single
instrument. The incorporation of a holographic offset also offers
additional positioning and parallel processing capabilities. DMHL
provides a rapidly adaptable and configurable system for many
lithographic applications

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