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Femtosecond Laser Micromachining of Metal Surfaces for Lubrication Enhancement
Hae Woon Choi, OSU; Columbus OH USA
Yong Chae Lim, OSU; Columbus OH USA
Dave Farson, Ohio State University; Columbus OH USA
Rajiv Shivpuri, OSU; Columbus OH USA
Yuanjie Wu, OSU; Columbus OH USA
Presented at ICALEO 2007

High interface friction is a primary cause for adhesive pickup in cold forging and extrusion of aluminum alloys and of wear of sliding surfaces in thrust bearings and seals. This poster describes investigations of femtosecond laser texturing for reduction of interface friction on sliding surfaces. Direct-write femtosecond pulsed laser micromachining is used to create microgroove patterns with varying size and density on metal forming dies. Ablation of patterned textures using a Digital Light Processor (DLP) programmable mask and a homogenized femtosecond laser beam is also studied. The achievable resolution and depth profiles and material removal rate for laser micromachining of lubrication-enhancing features is characterized. In metal forming tests, the effectiveness of various lasermachined patterns for enhancing interface lubrication is determined.

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