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Recent Advances in Precision Machining of Various Materials with the Laser MicroJet®
Bernold Richerzhagen, Synova SA; Ecublens Switzerland
Tuan Anh Mai, Synova SA; Ecublens Switzerland
John Keith Stay, Synova SA; Ecublens Switzerland
Presented at ICALEO 2007

Laser micromachining employs ultra short pulsed or UV lasers to overcome problems of thermal damage and debris formation. However, the main obstacles in using these types of laser are notably, low ablation rates and high running costs. This paper describes some recent advances made in the precision machining of industrial materials, using the unique capabilities of the Synova Laser Microjet® technology. Tests carried out with the water jet-guided laser, for industrial customers show superior results in terms of high precision cutting quality, combined with high speed, as well as negligible heat damage, or contamination problems. The tests, prove this technology is highly suited for materials that are otherwise, difficult to process, or that yield poor results with todays conventional methods. The results presented are, for precision drilling, dicing and cutting of 900µm moulded wafer and mould compound, cutting optical elements from 250µm silicon wafer and cutting, grinding and chamfering of 700-830µm silicon wafer, all for the semiconductor industry, cutting 200µm brass watch hands, cutting of 204µm Nitinol for medicinal stents, cutting 5mm stainless steel tubing for medicinal use in endoscopy and cutting of up to 8mm PCD/WC or CBN/WC materials for the machine tool industry.

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