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Micro-scale Laser Peen Forming of a Single Crystal
Youneng Wang, Michelin America R&D Corp.; Greenville SC USA
Yajun Fan, Columbia University; New York NY USA
Jeffrey Kysar, Columbia University; New York NY USA
Sinisa Vukelic, Columbia University; New York NY USA
Y. Lawrence Yao, Columbia University; New York NY USA
Presented at ICALEO 2007

As the result of quickly increased requirement in many industrial products resulting from microtechnology, laser thermal micro-forming and micro surface treatment (microscale laser shock peening (LSP)) have been well studied. By combing the beneficial effects of these two processes with a controlled bending deformation, microscale laser peen forming (LPF) attracts more and more attention recently since it not only improves the fatigue life of the material but also shape micro scale metallic parts at the same time. In the present study, LSP of a single crystal aluminum was present. Local plastic deformation was characterized by lattice rotation measured by electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). Residual stress distributions of both sides, characterized by x-ray micro-diffraction, were compared with the results obtained from FEM simulation. LPF anisotropic behavior was investigated in three effective slip systems by both anisotropic slip line theory and numerical method. Also, work hardening effect resulted from self-hardening and latent hardening was analyzed through comparing the results with and without considering hardening.

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