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High Pulse Energy Excimer Lasers for Nanotechnology
Ralph Delmdahl, Coherent GmbH; Goettingen Germany
Vadim Berger, Coherent GmbH; Gottingen Germany
Hans-Stephan Albrecht, Coherent GmbH; Gottingen Germany
Rainer Patzel, Coherent GmbH; Gottingen Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2007

Stable, high energy excimer lasers provide pulsed output energies ranging from 50 mJ up to 1000 mJ in the ultraviolet region with photon energies as high as 5 eV (248 nm), 6.3 eV (193 nm) or 7.9 eV (157 nm). Shortest ablation wavelengths strongly couple with every material, deliver highest lateral and depth resolution and significantly reduce the size of particulates in the plasma. Most important for thin film reproducibility, next to shortest possible ablation wavelength, is a stable behavior of consecutive laser pulses as well as the homogeneity of the on-sample laser fluence. These requirements constitute the superiority of excimer lasers as pulsed UV laser sources when it comes to precision and reproducibility in surface treatment and micromachining. Spectral properties, temporal pulse and laser beam parameters of state of the art excimer lasers will be compared with frequency converted high pulse energy laser sources with regard to the requirements of applications in nanotechnology.

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