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Laser Peening of MIG Welded Joint of Aluminum Alloys
Muneharu Kutsuna, Nagoya University; Nagoya Japan
Hiroki Inoue, Nagoya University; Nagoya Japan
Kazuo Amano, Aichi Institute of Industrial technology; Aichi-ken Japan
Yuji Sano, Toshiba Corp.; Yokohama Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2007

The effect of laser peening on fatigue strength of MIG welded joint of aluminum alloy, A5052 was investigated using a Q-switch YAG laser facility with high peak power.
The mechanism of improvement of fatigue strength was also investigated by measuring the residual stress of the specimens and the hardness change. The toes of MIG welded joint were laser peened with the width of 7mm in the water. The fatigue specimens were taken from the as-welded joint and laser peened joint.

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