Product Code: ICAL07_901

Fabrication of Fe-based Bulk Metallic Glass Components using Laser Additive Manufacturing
Ryan W. Mcvey, Arl, Penn State; State College PA USA
Shawn Kelly, ARL, The Penn State University; State College PA USA
Presented at ICALEO 2007

One of the current limitations in producing bulk metallic glass components of sufficient scale for structural application is the low critical casting thickness available with current amorphous alloy systems. With laser additive manufacturing, material and heat are added incrementally, theoretically leading to the fabrication of much larger amorphous structures than currently achievable with casting alone. Recent experimental results indicate multiple layers of partially amorphous material may be deposited. The deposit thickness is currently limited by the ability of the amorphous material to resist thermal stresses. The paper will focus on experimental processing of laser deposited Fe-based bulk amorphous metallic components and associated characterization.

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