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Collaboration of Physical and Metallurgical Viewpoints for Understanding and Process Development of Laser Welding
Seiji Katayama, Osaka University; Ibaraki, Osaka Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2007

I have belonged to Prof. Matsunawas laboratory in JWRI since 1981 until his retirement from Osaka University. Prof. A. Matsunawa and I approached our experiments and researches from physical and metallurgical viewpoints in our expert fields to understand the penetration and phenomena in laser welding. The presentation will introduce our fruitful results of plume and keyhole behavior, melt flows and bubbles and pores formation in the molten pool during laser and hybrid welding. He was most interested in interpreting the interaction between a laser-induced plume/plasma and an incident or a probe laser beam as well as melt flows in the molten pool. We have also reported the effect of pulse-shaping on spot weld penetration and the reduction in porosity and solidification cracking. These phenomena have been elucidated, and processes were developed in terms of monitoring and adaptive control together with my colleagues (Dr. Y. Kawahito and Mr. M. Mizutani) and students after his retirement.

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