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MIG-Laser Combined Welding of Aluminum Alloy to 304 Stainless Steel
Giuseppe Casalino, DIMeG - Politecnico di Bari; Bari Italy
Carlo Rella, DIMeG Politecnico di Bari; Viale Japigia Italy
Presented at ICALEO 2007

In this paper a study on some aspects of the weldability of a Magnesium Aluminium alloy to an austenitic stainless steel through a MIG-Laser combined heat source is presented. In particular the effect on the interface between the two alloys due to the heat source position over the welding sheets was investigated. Using either a steel or an aluminium feed wire the combined heat source was positioned in the following working positions the ideal axis from the torch to the laser beam focus was parallel to the seam in the laser leading layout; the axis of the torch and laser beam was rotated respect to the seam so the filler material dropped either on the aluminium or the steel side. The first position aimed to maximise the welding penetration and evaluate the brittle intermetallic phases that formed. The second position aimed to limit the stirring effect of the two alloys and in turn the formation of the brittle phases by fusion of only was side of the joint. The morphology and microstructure of the weld were characterised and here presented.

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