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Product Code: ICAL07_207

Parametric Investigation of Microcladding by Fibre Laser of Stellite on Stainless Steel
Fernando Lusquiños, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Antonio Riveiro, Universidad de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Rafael Comesaña, Universidad de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Félix Quintero, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Juan Pou, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Presented at ICALEO 2007

A systematic research on the capability of the laser surface cladding by a fibre laser assisted by pneumatic powder injection in order to coat stainless steel by a thin hard layer was carried out.
The high quality of the monomode fibre laser beam allowed us to produce clads with a small width and thickness, assuring a minimum dilution of the substrate keeping a strong fusion bond.
The excellent properties of the clads obtained will allow facing up the production of large area coating with a low thermal loading that is adequate to the repairing of high value damaged pieces. Moreover, the applications of the rapid fabrication of pieces with a high dimensional accuracy requirement and low dimensions could be dealt with the fibre laser assisted microcladding technique.
The aspect ratio, geometrical dilution and the superficial roughness of the clads were examined for different combinations of the processing parameters. An evaluation of the microstructure, composition and the cross-section evolution of the mechanical properties was revealed by SEM, EDX analysis and nanoindentation tests.

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