Product Code: ICAL06_303

Results on Laser Direct Manufacturing of Graded Materials
Chedly Braham, ENSAM; Paris France
Pascal Aubry, GERAILP; Arcueil France
Patrice Peyre, GERAILP; Arcueil France
Rémy Fabbro, GERAILP ; Arcueil France
Presented at ICALEO 2006

This article presents investigations carried out on the generation of Inconel718-TA6V graded structures by laser cladding. First, we introduce the global context of the project in term of challenge and environment. The study is decomposed into to main tasks : the development of the specific procedure for ensuring a sound TA6V-Inco718 transition, and numerical simulations that will predict information on the thermal process. Then, the main components of the cladding system are described with a particular attention on the coaxial nozzle and the instrumentation that will be used for controlling and monitoring the process parameters. The experiment are presented, with detailed metallurgical analysis of the microstructures. These are used to select optimal parameters that will be good candidates for the transitions zones. Finally, these parameters are applied and results of transition zones are presented.

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