Product Code: ICAL06_301

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser Net Shape Manufactured Inconel 718 and Ti-6Al-6V Components
Huan Qi, GE Global Research Center; Schenectady NY USA
Yong Liu, GE Global Research Center Shanghai; ShangHai Peoples Republic of China
Magdi Azer, GE Global Research; Niskayuna NY USA
xiaoping Huang, GE Global Research Center Shanghai; ShangHai Peoples Republic of China
Yanmin Li, GE Global Research Center Shanghai; Shanghai Peoples Republic of China
Carl Erikson, GE Global Research Center; Niskayuan NY USA
Presented at ICALEO 2006

Laser net shape manufacturing (LNSM) is a laser cladding based technology which can prototype and repair high performance aircraft engine components with metal powders. Characterizing the static and dynamic mechanical properties of the laser net shape manufactured components is important to the application of LNSM technique in real production. Nickel-based super alloys and titanium alloys are the most commonly used materials in aircraft engines. This paper studies the material properties of laser clad Inconel 718 and Ti-6Al-6V specimens by evaluation of their microstructures and tensile strength. The effects of laser processing parameters, build up orientations, and heat treatment on the resulting material microstructures and eventually the mechanical strengths are investigated. Laser clad specimens are compared against reference specimens in all the tests. Finally, the factors which lead to degradation of the material properties are discussed.

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